Coming To a City NEAR YOU!!

Greetings! Let me introduce myself. My name is Marvonna. I was born in 1999, a healthy happy Dance Competition. I am most original in that, I am not only a National Dance Competition, I am a show! You will never see 50 solos in a row on MY stage. I am also split into levels, so that all the wonderful dancers who come will be viewed fairly and equally. 

I’m so excited! I just had a brother! His name is Kickstart. He is really blossoming into a most handsome dance convention. He knows that everyone who loves the art of dance needs motivation and constant learning to improve their craft. That’s why we call him Kickstart. He’s literally a kick-start for our bodies and minds to keep doing what we love.

So let me share with you, our invitation to some of the most wonderful experiences you will have in the world of dance….